Dino is a cartoonist; that's how he likes to define himself because drawing is essentially what he does. 

He was born in 1988 near Mount Etna, and Sicily, with its stories and cultural diversity, has greatly influenced him professionally and personally.
He studied Photography, Graphic Design and later pursued Painting in Italy. Subsequently, he attended the IED in Barcelona, specializing in illustration, animation, characters design, and comics.

He works using digital techniques but also explores manual methods, with a preference for printing techniques. 
He is an avid comic book reader and a passionate fan of cinema, especially animation. Above all, he values the ability and necessity of storytelling.

Among his most significant works are creating posters for DISNEY and producing an animated short for UNHCR on the topic of refugees, which was screened at a ONU council. He collaborates with international agencies such as LOVEBLOOD CREATIVE and COLLABORATE AGENCY. He has published various illustrations, including cover art for magazines and newspapers such as STORYTIME MAGAZINE, CORRIERE DELLA SERA, COOK_INC, MENELIQUE, SANOFI, PRINCIPIA.IO, etc.

Currently, he resides in Madrid, balancing between commissions and personal projects.


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Disney, Marvel, Storytime Magazine, UNHCR, Corriere della Sera, Cook_Inc, Menelique, Sanofi, Principia.io, Lake Coloring, Collaborate Agency, Callisto Media.


RaiRadio3, Picame, Iride.Art, The Palermitaner, Digressioni, ZirArtmag, Tendencias TV.



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