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Corriere della Sera, Cook_Inc, Menelique, Sanofi, Digressioni,, Lake Coloring, ZirArtmg and many others.
My name is Dino, I am an Italian illustrator and animator born in the volcanic island of Sicily in 1988.
As a child, I used to draw on the margins of the books without illustrations that I read, creating my own visual universe. Without knowing it, I was already illustrating. I have always felt drawn towards stories and character creation, which has brought me closer to the comic world, and especially to animation.

My techniques are mostly digital, although in my beginnings, my studies and need to sometimes get my hands dirty took me to open up and experiment with the most varied traditional tools and impression techniques. My bag never lacks a sketchbook and some pencils.

I find different references in the art world, like in primitive Gothic art and Byzantine art, because of their symbology, colours and naivety of their perspective.

There is a series of recurring topics and elements that are repeated in my illustrations. Through the past years, I have also discovered the profound and wonderful power art has, not only for storytelling, but also to drive change and bring justice through the criticism of social injustice, something of which, as a human, I feel responsible for and want to take part in.

I am a bit of a wanderer, although I currently draw from my desk in Madrid, Spain.

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