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I’m Dino, a Spanish artist born in the Italian volcanic island of Sicilia in 1988.

As a kid I drew on the margins of books that didn’t have drawings, creating my own visual universe. Unknowingly, I was already illustrating. I have always been passionate about storytelling and character creation, bringing me close to the world of comics and animation.

My technique is generally digital, although my beginnings, my education and the need to get hands-on have taken me to experiment with traditional tools and a variety of printing techniques. My backpack is never complete without a drawing block and a pack of pencils.

I find diverse inspiration in art, particularly in primitive Gothic and Byzantine art and their symbology, colours, and the naivety of their perspective.
There are several recurring themes and elements throughout my illustrations, since discovering the wonderful and profound power that art holds. Apart from telling stories, it can change things and make justice with social problems that as a human being, I am responsible for with decisions I make.

I am quite a nomad, but currently, I am based from my desk in Madrid, Spain.


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selected clients

Disney, Marvel, UNHCR, Corriere della Sera, Cook_Inc, Menelique, Sanofi, Principia.io, Lake Coloring, Collaborate Agency, Callisto Media.


Picame, The Palermitaner, Digressioni, ZirArtmag, Tendencias TV.


© 2023 dinocarusogalvagno.
All rights reserved